Wonder what's next

I know that I just finished my second pair of Jaywalkers yesterday, but I really don't want to lose my momentum. I enjoyed making those socks and the feeling of accomplishment when I finished weaving in the last strand, and I want those feelings again. Plus, I said that I would make socks for Terea and Stephanie, and I want to do that soon. Also, I know that I sometimes find sock knitting tedious and boring, so I think I'll mix it up and make sure that I actually work on one of my many other UFOs when I need down time from the socks. I just realized that Zeeby's bag, which I have been working on for no less than two years, is a nice, mindless project that I could easily complete while watching dvds. I have to do the same row over and over again for 11 inches, and there are no decreases to worry about, so why not?

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