Jaywalkers the second

So I finished my second pair of Jaywalkers, and I couldn't be happier. I am getting much quicker at this sock-knitting thing. And this time I did not in any way screw up the Kitchener stitch! I think that using the Youtube video to get myself started is a good idea, but that I need to turn it off once I'm on my way. Probably going back and forth between my knitting and the woman's instructions was confusing me.

Here are my finished Jaywalkers:

I tried them on and they fit, but then I stupidly took them off before pulling out my camera. So I think I'll take a picture of them actually on my tootsies sometime soon and add them to this post at a later date. I just noticed that I have my red and white socks on my red computer, which is on my pink bedspread. This sudden habit I have of possessing red items is starting to worry me. I must be stopped.

I've found the next pair that I want to make: monkeys! I've heard good things about this pattern, and I like the way that the completed so looks. I'm encouraged by all the n00bs who burst their sock cherries on this pattern. Now I just need to find out where in the world I can find some 1.5 dpns. I'm not necessarily ready to start a new pair of socks at 11:30 at night, but maybe I 1) do a swatch to test my gauge (which I almost never do) and 2) see if I can find some mods to this pattern to fit what will almost certainly be a foot larger than the one this pattern was designed for.

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