While in Poughkeepsie for Christine and Justin's wedding (which was awesome, by the way), I went bowling. First we were going to go minigolfing, which is an obsession of Ben and Elissa's, but then I saw a bowling alley, and successfully changed our destination. I am no good at all, but I did manage to win two games. I was so excited to get there, but then I picked up a bowling ball and realized: if my wrist was too sore to knit, what in the world was I doing in a bowling alley?? I wasn't thinking at all. During the second game, my wrist really started to get sore, but I was using an 8 pound ball, which is pretty much the smallest I could use and still be using an adult ball. I worried that I would be in pain during the wedding and the next day, but AMAZINGLY enough, my wrist stopped hurting and I actually got quite a bit of knitting done on Monday and today. Plus, the curiosity got to me and I tried on the socks, so now I know that they do actually fit me. It's pretty exciting.

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