Satanski's hat

After I finished the hat for EJ's dolly, I had to make one for him. I measured his head first, and the thing is 20 inches around, which is kind of nuts, but whatever. He was pretty stoked that I decided to make him a hat. He's really fascinated by my knitting, so I think I'll teach him next year when he has better motor skills. He's pretty bright.

I used the same Paton's Classic Wool Merino that I'd used for the doll's hat, but I cast on 48 stitches this time. Maybe it's overkill, but I don't know for sure until EJ tries on the hat. Sammy graciously agreed to try it on again (she's a great gal, that Sammy). I think the width is correct, but it might be too long.

I'm really proud because I finally (after two days, I know) figured out how to do the mattress stitch properly. I really liked the finished product on the hat, but now I wonder, how would the mattress stitch seam work on hats that are flipped back up on the bottom? What seam is used then? Or haven't I figured out mattress stitch to the degree I think I have? Oy. I will keep looking around and see if I can figure this out.

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