My second hat

So, I had such a good time making the first 1 hour hat that I decided to make one for my nephew, Satanski. I didn't want to use the crappy acrylic from the first hat, so I got some wool out of my stash. I held two strands of Paton's Classic Merino Wool together and cast on 16 stitches, since Satanski is only 2.

That was a pretty horrible idea. I could see pretty much straight away that this thing was not going to be nearly big enough, but since I'd already started, I decided to continue and make a hat for the baby doll that Satanski alternately nurtures and bludgeons, according to his mood.

Obviously, this tiny hat took next to no time to make (although it did take a minute or so of wrestling to fit it on the doll's surprisingly massive head).

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