My first hat

I made Allison Blevins' 1 hour hat. It took me a little longer than an hour, but all in all, not horrible for my first hat. What WAS horrible was the fabric I was using, Schoeller + Stahl's Big Ball. I originally bought it for use in a baby blanket, which I actually did make and finish. I got the yarn for the LYS, and showed the very helpful owner the pattern that I wanted to make. She suggested that I modify it to make better use of the yarn, and gave me a pattern based on the blanket I wanted to make. Unfortunately, though, my lack of spatial ability came back to bite me in the butt, because I followed the instructions exactly -- never wondering why I only had to cast on 64 stitches -- and ended up with a blanket more appropriate for a doll than a human infant. SO! I decided to make another one, and though I found more appropriate lengths for the blanket, but for some reason or another, kept ballsing it up before I'd ever gotten to a decent length.

But that was a while ago, so I forgot 1) that I had a boatload of that yarn left and 2) that I kind of hated the feel of it, because it was actually really pretty, foreign, acrylic (ugh). So I bought more, and now I have 2.5 balls of that stuff left, which, no. Not cool at all. So I used it to make a hat, which came out pretty cute, despite the cheap acrylic it was made from.

So. My first hat, as modeled by Sammy, teddy bear extraordinaire!

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