Feeling a little creative

I recently saw a cute orange knit sweater in the window of a local store. I was hesitant to go into the store and find out how much it cost, because that place is usually pretty expensive. Then I thought, "I'll knit it!" I decided that I should take a picture of it, because there is a cute pattern on the front (this is pretty much the whole reason I wanted it). I didn't take the picture before it was removed from the store window, so I went in today on my lunch break to take a closer look and to see the price. As I suspected, it was WAY TOO MUCH MONEY - $300. No sweater is worth that. On the plus side, I do now have a much better idea of how to make it (once I figure out how I want to do the decreases so that I will still have the same number of stitches after the yarn overs). I'm putting that on the back burner in my head, since I've got the Monkey socks and OpArt blanket to finish first, but I'm excited!! I think this could be pretty cool!

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